Lodha Unnati - All you need to know about the milestone and pivotal role in gender diversity for women in construction management Lodha Unnati - All you need to know about the milestone and pivotal role in gender diversity for women in construction management


Pioneering Progress: Lodha's All-Women Construction Management Team Breaks Ground and Barriers

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, Lodha stands at the forefront of change. With the launch of Lodha Unnati, our commitment to breaking down barriers for women in the workforce has taken a monumental step forward. On April 17th, 2024, history was made as Lodha's inaugural all-women construction management team commenced their journey with a groundbreaking ceremony, marking a significant stride not only for Lodha but for the entire real estate sector in India.

The statistics speak volumes about the prevailing gender gap in the construction industry, both globally and in India. Out of the 57 million workers in the sector, a mere 12% are women, with managerial roles occupied by only 1-2% of them. Recognizing this stark reality, Lodha Unnati was conceived as a comprehensive initiative to dismantle the systemic barriers hindering women's participation in the formal workforce.

The formation of Lodha's all-women construction management team demonstrates our unwavering commitment to fostering gender diversity, equality, and excellence in the workplace. A first to have a construction management team led by all women at one site within the company, it is the start of departments and site teams across the company prioritizing diversifying their workforce and creating more inclusive environments. By providing opportunities for women to excel in core construction roles, we aim not only toward women empowerment but also to catalyze industry-wide transformation.

The groundbreaking ceremony served as a poignant moment of celebration, bringing together members of Lodha's leadership team to extend their heartfelt wishes for the success of these trailblazing women in workplace. Their presence and words showcased to the women and everyone present how female labor participation, gender equity, and inclusion are company priorities.

Mr. Abhishek Lodha, MD & CEO, Lodha, graced the momentous occasion and lauded this significant milestone,

“Today is an important day for Lodha and the entire leadership who conceived and executed this thought of the first all-women construction management team in India. In our culture, women have always played the crucial role of shaping our home - as a mother, a daughter, or a wife. The Lodha all-women team along with support from the entire design team, which is also all-women is going to deliver one of the largest projects in the Mumbai region. It is a proud moment for us that this has become a reality.

It is imperative for Indian society and economy that women are deeply involved in every section of the economic activity, which will bring significant national prosperity and growth that India is eagerly looking forward to.”

Through their expertise, dedication, and the unwavering support of Lodha's leadership, this pioneering team is reshaping the narrative of women in construction, paving the way for future generations and showcasing women economic empowerment.

Leading up to the groundbreaking, the 12 remarkable women underwent rigorous training, participating in 37 on-the-job sessions totaling over 122.5 hours across six months. Facilitated by our Chief Operating Officer Shrikanth Kamblii (Extended Eastern Suburbs and Thane), in collaboration with other managers and experts, these sessions covered all aspects of construction, blending practical on-site experiences with classroom learning. While on-the-job training has been recognized as a need across industries and in construction, it has been cited as difficult to systematically operationalize and not leveraged as a way to increase the required workforce to meet demands. Therefore the frequency, intensity and duration of this on-the-job training to date, which is ongoing and will continue post-groundbreaking, is also a unique aspect of this initiative which the company hopes to learn from in its own right for potentially replicating in the future. It has been recognized as an enabler for inclusion in the industry.

Now entrusted with leading the construction of the Casa Meadows cluster at Lodha's Upper Thane development, comprising 6-8 residential buildings, these female construction workers are poised to showcase their skills and leadership prowess. As they embark on this personal and professional journey, Lodha is committed to capturing their experiences, highlighting their triumphs, and championing their success.

Meet the trailblazers:

Akshata Tavate
Apeksha Patil
Arnavi Dalvi
Dipalee Patil
Dipali Thombre
Lata Parab
Mansi Malvadkar
Priyanka Sinha
Prakarsha Meshram
Tanvi Sandav
Tejaswini Desai
Vandana Mehra

As we celebrate this historic milestone, we invite you to join us in recognizing the courage, determination, and resilience of these remarkable women in the workforce. Together, let us continue to challenge norms, break barriers, and build a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Note: We will be featuring each team member of the women in construction management team in a blog series to find out their story and what they have learnt and gained along the way being part of this team.