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Creativity is the ability to think about a task or a problem in a new or different way, or the ability to use the imagination to generate new ideas. Creativity enables you to solve complex problems or find interesting ways to approach tasks.

Step 1: Read & Watch

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Creativity Skills: Definition, Tips and Examples
Creativity skills

Step 2: Take Actions Independently

  • Reflect: what is a time that you were creative at work/on-the-job? How did you use creativity to find new solutions to old problems, or new solutions to new problems?
  • What is a creative activity you enjoy in your free time? How does doing a creative activity outside of your professional role and domestic activities/family life propel you forward in other areas of your life (work and home)?

Step 3: Practice with a Mentor

  • Practice with the mentor, using a hypothetical situation presented to you from a workplace where you are expected to think creatively in order to find a solution.
  • Brainstorm ideas with your mentor to find solutions to the situation presented to you.
  • Your mentor will guide you and help you to think creatively by asking relevant questions and making suggestions.