Project Unnati - Empowering Women



Step 1: Read & Watch

Being invited for an interview is an important step on your career journey. It is a chance to share your skills and experiences with potential employers. Being able to showcase how your prior education and work experience(s) have equipped you to add value to the potential employer’s work and team is important. The resources linked below provide important suggestions and actions you may take to be well-prepared for any interview.

Resource type Resource Title
Things to Do Before, During and After your Interview
How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Step 2: Take Actions Independently

Read the interview questions featured regarding how to interview with confidence.Think about how you would respond to common interview questions and practice speaking your responses aloud. You could practice infront of a mirror alone, or with a family member or friend.

Step 3: Practice with a Mentor

Try the Situation, Action Result and Application (SARA) activity on how to interview with confidence:

  • Identify a job description you are interested in and qualified for
  • Review the job description’s qualifications, qualities or skills sought
  • For qualifications, qualities, or skills think of two examples from your past experiences which showcase how you have demonstrated the qualifications, qualities or skills
  • Use the SARA Structure to describe and articulate a response to the interview question “How do your skills and experiences fit the qualities and skills we are seeking for this position?”