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Organizational skills are some of the most important proficiencies you can have as an employee. Being organized will allow you to meet deadlines, minimize stress and carry out your duties more efficiently.

Step 1: Read & Watch

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Organizational Skills: 10 Types and How To Improve Them
Organisational skills

Step 2: Take Actions Independently

  • Which of the organisational skills mentioned in the reading material do you think you already possess? Rank them from those you are best at and those you think you may improve.
  • Reflect: why are organizational skills important for the future job/work you would like to do? Which skills can help you reach that job, and which skills would you need on-the-job or in your home life while working?

Step 3: Practice with a Mentor

  • Discuss your list with your mentor. Decide on which skill you would like to improve first and formulate a plan for improvement.
  • Discuss which priority organizational skills you would highlight in a job interview that you are proud of that well-reflect your organizational competencies and abilities.