Project Unnati - Empowering Women



Step 1: Read & Watch

What is a resume, and how can you go about creating one? This resource will walk you through the basics of creating, formatting, and tailoring your resume to help you make your best impression to employers.

Resource type Resource Title
Columbia University Center for Career Education
Writing a resume Video

Step 2: Take Actions Independently

  • Identify the template you would like to use to write your resume.
  • List all your qualifications, qualities and skills you think are appropriate for the job.

Step 3: Practice with a Mentor

  • Identify a job description you are interested in and qualified for.
  • Review the job description’s qualifications, qualities or skills sought.
  • Brainstorm with your mentor and decide on the most appropriate qualifications, qualities and skills you want to highlight in your resume.
  • Write your resume using any one of the templates and get it reviewed by your mentor.