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Teamwork Skills

Data suggests teamwork, such as working in small groups of three to five people, results in enhanced complex problem solving, outperforming individuals. Without effective teamwork, productivity and work quality will likely suffer, even with a group composed of multiple brilliant individuals. Likewise, without effective teams, companies will struggle to keep pace with competitors who do have effective teams and there are issues with employee well-being and retention.

Step 1: Read & Watch

Resource type Resource Title
Teamwork skills: Definition, types and tips for improvement
Teamwork Video

Step 2: Take Actions Independently

  • After you have read through the soft skills required for teamwork, think about a time you worked well as part of a team. What did you do, what did your teammates do, and what were the results?
  • Think about a time you felt you failed when working in a team. What did you learn? What would you do the same or differently next time?

Step 3: Practice with a Mentor

  • Discuss the examples you thought of with your mentor about when you worked successfully as part of a team and when you learned from team failure.
  • Practice communicating about these experiences as if you were in a job interview, with your mentor practicing being the interviewer and you the job candidate.
  • Articulate: How can you share about your success and what you learned to showcase your teamwork skills, ideas and how you could add value to an employer’s team?